NLCC Calendar

Do you have a community event to submit to our calendar? Email Bridge at with the basic details (a flyer and/or an link to a facebook event/website page would be ideal!) and we’ll try to add it in a timely manner. Please include “Community Event Submission” in the title. Please be certain that the event is intended for the public.

Interested in submitting an event to be hosted at No Labels?

To be clear- we have an unusual storefront space. We share our space with The Pine Apple Company. We can coordinate workshops, movies and skillshares or other similar events in their half when they are not running their store hours.

Generally we can run events in the full space after 7 but scheduling depends on our events as well as PAC’s events.

The Backyard/Patio

Want to hold an event in the backyard of 224 Allen? Access to the backyard is available with at least two weeks notice, dependent on landlord approval. A $100 fee is charged for the use of the backyard. No Labels coordinates dry events.

To submit an event, please fill out this form here:

Here is a copy of our use statement that we ask all groups to sign.

All bookings will be posted on the calendar.

The following rates are suggested. Buffalo and WNY has a number of independent organizers/organizations with no backing or organizers looking for independent spaces for passion projects- these rates apply to them.

  • Groups less than 25, no outside support, one time only- $10 per hour.
  • Groups less than 25, no outside support, ongoing- $5 per hour and a pass of the hat.
  • Groups over 25 , no outside support, one time only: $20 per hour
  • Groups over 25, no outside support, ongoing: $15 per hour and a pass of the hat

Outside support is defined as a sponsoring non-profit organization or the rare generous unicorn corporate backer. (We say in jest as we are incorporated as a c-corporation ourselves; go go social enterprises!) So, if you represent a small NPO looking for a space for a day-long workshop, these rates apply to you. If your small NPO’s budget truly cannot swing these prices, give us a call at 716-218-8557 and we will see if we can work something out.

  • Groups less than 25, outside support – $15 per hour
  • Groups over 25, outside support: $30 per hour

Are you an organizer or a non-profit employee who needs to conduct one-on-one meetings regularly or need a quiet spot with wifi to conduct research and have you grown tired of shelling out $3.50 for a cup of coffee every time? Why not become a monthly supporter of No Labels? Supporters can book a quiet spot -keep in mind someone might wander in to shop- and we’ll also offer you a cup of coffee or tea and some cookies. We’re not offering the same services as a coffee shop or a coworkspace, but if all you need is a mini-meeting space, we can help.

  • Monthly supporter prices are $15/month (equivalent of a lunch with coffee at most places in Buffalo.)
  • Supporter prices per month for students and AmeriCorps members is $5: student ID required/documentation of current service required.

We offer: wifi, tables, chairs, AC, a projector and screen, sound equipment, makerspace equipment and the support of a staff member. We also additionally will post your event to our calendars for added promotion.

Accessibility: we do not have a parking lot but we are centrally located at 224 Allen Street and easily accessible by NFTA #20, #7, and the Metro Rail. Our restroom is gender inclusive. We have a pop-up ramp for front door accessibility but we are sad to say our restroom is too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair and we cannot think of a solution for this problem- we are open to community solutions that people may have to offer. When we eventually migrate to a larger space that we will purchase, universal design will be the top priority for our considerations.