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Buffalo is the third poorest city in the nation.

Buffalo is the sixth most racially segregated city in the nation.

Erie County is the 20th most economically segregated county in the nation.

As queer revolutionaries we are obliged to challenge and change these numbers.

Too many of us believe we cannot affect change because we have been taught we cannot access these networks. Some of us have access to these networks but we live in fear of the local non-profit industrial complex; we rely on grantees and do not want to rock the boat by shaking systems or offending friends.

We want to break these divides. We want to break these walls.

To assist with this, we will be posting any and all job postings and training opportunities (free or economically accessible) we find related to justice work in WNY on this page. We will break the white collar and blue collar divide that people with power and privilege have both intentionally and unintentionally (being overworked/overstretched and unable to do the necessary outreach) built and maintained.

Together we can change Buffalo and WNY and live our ideals. Change starts with us. Change starts now.

We define a justice job to be any job related to non-profit work or new economy work (that does NOT mean Uber/Task Rabbit- we’re talking about an economy which works for everyone, starting with people who have been historically marginalized and exploited.

If you have a justice job or free/sliding scale/scholarship training opportunity to submit, please email us at nolabelsclothingcoop@gmail.com with the title “Justice Job.”

Current Justice Job Posts:


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  • AmeriCorps: a term of AmeriCorps service will pay your bills for a year, give you training, and network you with area non-profits.

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