No Labels Clothing Cooperative is a worker-owned cooperative. For those of you who are local, think Breadhive, where the workers own the business, not Lexington, where the consumers own the business.

We organized as a worker cooperative because we want to generate jobs for queer and trans folk and remain in control of our business decisions. We looked at non-profit status and decided a cooperative was the better way to go; we did not want to spend most of our time constantly chasing grants, or worse, be subject to the whims of foundations.

Just because the workers own the business, however, doesn’t mean that we do not want the input from our customers- please let us know what you want to see as far as how to make the space work better and what products you want to see carried! We have monthly open meetings for community members every second Wednesday at 7.

Principle Five: Education, Training and Information About Cooperatives: