Clothing Upcycling

The bulk of the costs of transition are of course related to healthcare, but many other costs are associated with transition as well- changing wardrobes to one that is more gender affirming is one of them. Costs for this can start at about $600 and go upward from there. (In Chicago, a local credit union offers a loan package which assists with transition-related costs, including purchasing a new wardrobe.)

Our free store encourages people to swap clothes in and off the rack- and please feel free to patch and play with those clothes using our makerspace! If you take clothing off the rack to cut into fabric, please set it aside as scrap and do not put it back on the rack.

Please keep in mind we are not a 501c3- if you require a tax write off, we encourage you to take your donations one block down to Friends of the Night People or to any number of Buffalo’s non-profits which seek donations.

We will in the future be offering clothing for thrift sale, which we will have marked on a separate rack.

We hope these clothes offset some of the costs of transition for transgender and gender non-conforming Western New Yorkers.

Additional resources:

If you ever feel the urge to “purge” the clothes that affirm your identity and wonder why:

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