Binders Guide

Before No Labels, there was no other retailer in WNY selling binders- people were restricted to either ordering binders online or sharing used binders, or experimenting with dangerous binding methods.

We set out to provide basic retail brick and mortar services for anyone in need of a binder to allow anyone interested in a binder with the comfort and dignity of trying on a binder for themselves before purchasing.

To meet this standard, we presently sell gc2b grey half binders in sizes XXS-4XL and will assist those who have economic barriers with the purchase.

We sometimes are asked if we have any other styles or types available- sometimes we have donated binders in our free store, but generally the gc2b grey half binders will be the only binders in stock.

We recommend that if you feel comfortable with the size of the binder you have purchased, that you visit one of these websites:

  • gc2b: gc2b carries additional colors and styles
  • shapeshifters: fun custom made binders- check out the superhero designs!
  • rebirth garments:  gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability
  • binders by underworks: often the binder that everyone turns to first, underworks is a trusted brand