Affirming Items Upcycling

Yes, we will take old binders, waist trainers and breastforms for upcycling!

We have no age restrictions- anyone of any age may participate in this exchange.

Please, if you have a used binder, breastform, shapewear (waist trainer, corset, padding) or wig and you would like to pass it along to someone who otherwise would not have access to one, you can either donate it by dropping it off at our shop during store hours or mailing it to us.

Our address is

No Labels Clothing Cooperative

224 Allen Street

Buffalo, NY 14201

We set aside these specialty items from the rest of the free store in the top bin because we recognize that these are not only highly desired but also limited resources; if you would like us to set something aside for you because of reasons of confidentiality, please email us at

If you are in the WNY area and would like us to discreetly mail you an affirming item, also feel free to email us- we will fulfill your request as we are able.

We also take financial donations for our pay-it-forward fund for both binders and for waist trainers.

If you stop into our shop and would like to purchase either a new binder or waist trainer but are unable to pay the standard price, just grab a few popsicle sticks out of the jar by our register- these represent $1 each which others in the community have donated to pay forward towards helping others pay for binders and waist trainers.

Other binder upcycling programs:

Also see our page about Clothing Upcycling.