Affirming Items Upcycling

Yes, we will take old binders and breastforms for upcycling!

Please, if you have a used binder, breastform, shapewear (waist trainer, corset, padding) or wig and you would like to pass it along to someone who otherwise would not have access to one, you can either donate it by dropping it off at our shop on Wednesdays or mailing it to us.

Our program is specifically for residents of Upstate NY, Ohio, Ontario, Western PA, Indiana, and Michigan- ie, presently under served areas of the Rust Belt.

We have no age restrictions.

Our address is

No Labels Clothing Cooperative

224 Allen Street

Buffalo, NY 14201

We also take financial donations for our pay-it-forward fund for both binders and for waist trainers. 


If you are local, between the ages of 14-21, and you are seeking your first binder, we encourage you to please visit GLYS at 371 Delaware Avenue in Buffalothey will provide you with your first binder for free. They are also just a great resource in general for youth who are LGBTQ+ or questioning.

Other binder upcycling programs:

Also see our page about Clothing Upcycling.