About Us

No Labels Clothing Cooperative is a clothing retail thrift store based at 224 Allen Street in Buffalo, New York. Our goal is to build a safe, LGBTQ-focused, universally designed, People of Color-centered, multilingual-friendly, feminist worker cooperative; a safe space for everyone where we can work together in solidarity, creating sustainable jobs in our community.

Our aim is to create the safest shopping experience possible: we will have no size tags on our thrifted garments.  Rather, we plan to size them ourselves using gender-inclusive, universal measurements.  We will feature thrifted garments priced on a sliding scale so everyone can find something they love!

We also offer a free store of clothes for all- many people who transition go through a large wardrobe change and have limited economic means, and we want to assist with this process as much as possible. If you have used binders or waist trainers, we would especially love these donations. Donations are accepted during store hours.

We sell many other affirming LGBTQ+ pride items in our shop! Come by and pick up everything from Asexual flags to… err… something that begins with Z. We are known by many in the community as the place to go for Rainbow and Trans pride flags; we sell these and much more.

We are unapologetically a progressive political space and feel this helps emphasize our safe space policies- if seeking buttons or stickers to Resist, this is good place to check out.

We offer consignment for local artists and crafters, particularly LGBTQ+ artists and crafters and those selling items for the LGBTQ+ community, as well as those selling ethically made items (social entrepreneurs seeking a space to sell.)

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