Crowdfunding Now!

Hi folks! Haven’t updated here in a while. We’re much more active on social media, if you haven’t caught onto that. 😉

Our pop-up at 224 Allen Street will be closing soon due to a change in building ownership and we are presently crowdfunding for our move. We’re very excited about our next steps- we are in talks with other recently displaced LGBTQ+ collectives to co-locate with them.

We are hoping to raise at least $6000 towards these costs through our crowdfunder. We also just applied for a couple of large grants and, should those come through, will secure a long term home for us and our peer organizations!

Help us out today by donating to our crowdfunder. Solidarity!


One thought on “Crowdfunding Now!

  1. Updates:
    -224 Allen is closed, but we are operating the occasional pop-up; email me at if you are interested in having us table at your event.
    -The Trans Justice Funding Project generously gave us a grant; between that funding and the funding we raised from our crowdfunder, our expenses are covered for the next year or so while we reorganize. Our heartfelt thanks to the TJFP and to all who have donated!


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